Prize for Dr. Christian Thome

Christian Thome has received the prestigious Ruprecht-Karls-Preis of Heidelberg University for 2016 – congratulations!

Dr. Christian Thome together with his thesis advisors Prof. Andreas Draguhn and Dr. Alexei Egorov

The prize has been donated by the “Stiftung Universität Heidelberg“. It highlights the 5 best dissertations of the university in each year. Christians work dealt with structure and function of hippocampal pyramidal neurons. His key discovery is that in about 50% of CA1 pyramidal cells the Axon originates from a basal dendrite, rather than from the soma. Together with his colleagues in Heidelberg, Mannheim and Bonn he has characterized this unexpected morphological feature and its functional consequences. Indeed, the axon-carrying dendrite is privileged in exciting the axon, creating a fundamental asymmetry in dendritic integration. The work may, therefore, have important consequences for understanding signaling and information processing in the hippocampal network.
The findings have been published in 2014 (Neuron 83: 1418-1430) and are summarized in a video .

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