"Family in focus"

Lesen Sie Interessantes und Aktuelles zu den Themen
– "Club Parentes" mit neuem Treffpunkt in der Altstadt
– Eltern-Kind-Raum in der Universitätsbibliothek
– Erste-Hilfe-Workshop für Eltern
– Angebote zu Musik, Tanz und sport

Den Newsletter finden Sie unter: https://www.uni-heidelberg.de/md/kinderhaus/newsletter_service_f_familie_juli_2017.pdf


Focus on Fairness

This Newsletter issued by the 'Gleichstellungsbüro' of Heidelberg University contains a lot of information about offers for female researchers concerning professional advancement as well as the compatibility of family and career
Newsletter: Focus on Fairness 2017.pdf - 159 kB

Career Development

FACE - Females Abroad for Career Enhancement: Short-term travel grants for female scientists
(competitive internal career program). Details...

19.10.2016: Workshop on strategic planning of research careers by Dr. Beate Scholz. Details...

20.01.2016: Lunch Talk (organized TRR 83)
Sita Schanne, Department for Key Competences and Academic Instruction, HD University
Presentation Skills

26.11.2015: Dr. Beate Scholz “Karriereberatung intensiv”
(individual career coaching)

27.07.2015: Lunch Talk (organized TRR 83)
Dr. Valérie Panneels, Paul Scherrer Institut, Villingen, Switzerland
Filling the gap between technial assistants and the professor:
lab manager or scientific officer?

16.06.2015: Workshop (organized by SFB 1129)
Kommunikation verbal und nonverbal

22.04.2015: Lunch Talk (organized by SFB TR 83)
Dr. Karin Dumstrei, Senior Editor, The EMBO Journal
Career Options in Scientific Publishing

Support of course/congress visits for female scientists

Family Measures

  • Home Office for members with special family needs
  • Support by student assistants for members with special family needs
  • Babysitting Service during all special activities of SFB 1134 provided