Fri 10/09/2015
at 03:00 PM


Scientific organizer:
Andreas Draguhn
Hilmar Bading
Hannah Monyer
Contact address:
Susanne Bechtel Institut für Physiologie und Pathophysiologie Universität Heidelberg Im Neuenheimer Feld 326 60120 Heidelberg Germany

Functionally coupled sets of neurons (`ensembles´) form transiently stable spatiotemporal activity patterns within neuronal networks. Such patterns may constitute a general mechanism of respresentation in sensory, motor, executive, mnestic and -potentially- motivational systems. HeiNEC, the first conference of the newly formed Collaborative Research Center 1134 will explore the concept of functional ensembles by joining leading experts on a diversity mammalian networks.

Speakers include:

Andreas Engel (Hamburg), Christian Gerloff (Hamburg), Sonja Grün (Jülich), Sonja Hofer (Basel), Bruce Hope (Maryland), Sheena Josselyn (Toronto), Jason Kerr (Bonn), Thomas Klausberger (Vienna), Matthew Larkum (Berlin), Simon Rumpel (Mainz), Jeremy K. Seamans (Vancouver), Ben Strowbridge (Cleveland).

We are looking forward to two exciting days full of cutting-edge neuroscience and with many informal discussions on the nature and properties of neuronal ensembles. The meeting takes place within the beautiful old city center of Heidelberg.

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