Downstream signalling of hippocampal ensembles in the entorhinal cortex

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Local ensembles form complex spatiotemporal activity patterns. How is this information transferred from one network to others?

We address this question in the murine hippocampal-entorhinal system. Multi-neuronal ensembles in the hippocampus form transient representations of space and context. These take the form of highly organized spike patterns during different types of network oscillations. The “two-stage” model of memory formation suggests that such patterns are later transferred ...

How much information is preserved when activity propagates from CA1 to the EC?
Does postsynaptic activity of single EC neurons differ for input from distinct ensembles?
Do EC neurons preserve the very precise timing of hippocampal activity patterns?
Does repeated input from CA1 ensembles induce lasting plastic changes in the EC?
We tackle these questions in the hippocampal entorhinal-cortex slices, using a large variety of electrophysiological and optogenetic techniques as well as advanced data analysis. Parallel experiments are performed by in vivo-recordings of field potentials and single-cell activity. Together, these experiments shall shed light on the qualitative and quantitative properties of signal propagation between local networks.
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* Principal investigators of other projects within the CRC