Oxytocin in the prefrontal cortex: from neuromodulation of the local circuit to fear extinction

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The hypothalamic neuropeptide oxytocin plays an important role in modulation of synaptic transmission in various brain regions, including the cortex.

In this project we will study how OT influences activity of neuronal ensembles in the rodent medial prefrontal cortex, mPFC.

Using viral, genetic, optogenetic and electrophysiology, we will evoke endogenous OT release to monitor microcircuit activity in the mPFC in vitro and in vivo with subsequent behavioural analysis. The central hypotheses of our project is that OT directly or indirectly activates principle neurons of the mPFC facilitating, in turn, extinction of negative (i.e. fear) memory. The testing this hypothesis will be achieved in various in vitro and in vivo experimental setups, using electrophysiology, viral, anatomical, optogenetic and behavioural approaches.
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